About us

We design and develop startup solutions with passion and using latest technologies and trends.

Who we are & what we do

We see ourselves as part of your team. The AI experience part.

We join your team to help developing MVPs and test new services or product. We have been launching startups for 23 years now. We have learn along the way from our own success and failures, and our clients’.

Count on us to help you in the very specialized AI arena. We understand AI technology, we listen our clients’ projects and provide feedback. We bring our expertise in different tech fields (AI solutions, VR services, IoT, Logistic services, Digital content downloads, Web services…) to help you validate your ideas with minimal product development cost. We help you minimizing time to market.


2023 - AI era

We focuss on AI. We develop products and services for our clients with LLMs

2022 - Decentralization

Define and launch a fully decentralize project non for profit including crypto token.

2020 - IoT for missed deliveries

Worked on hardware from scratch including mother board and IoT communications.

2018 - Cryptoeconomics

Develop crypto-economics including white and yellow papers.

2015 - Virtual Reality

Developed in house codec for 360º hi res video streaming.

2010 - Content distribution platforms

More than 200.000 daily user from our clients present in 16 countries

2004 - ringbacktones.com

We launched ringbacks service with bigggest spanish telco Movistar called Yavoy

2001 - Mobile Content Startup

Ringtones an logos was the new hype back then.

2000- intro to the startups.

We launched our first startup in the .com era.

We are open for hire. Let's bring your AI ideas to life together!